Corporate Overview

Headquartered in Ware, Massachusetts, Kanzaki Specialty Papers is widely recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of direct thermal, thermal transfer, inkjet coated papers and films

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Oji Imaging Media Co.,Ltd. in Japan and sister company of Kanzan Spezialpapiere in Germany.

Innovation is a key to success – Kanzaki has been developing and supplying new and improved product grades to provide a viable solution for all our customers.

Kanzaki offers a wide range of OEM approved POS (Point-of-Sale) direct thermal receipt papers to suit the needs for any customer. Our gaming grades meet the need for customers looking for lottery tickets and/or slot tickets with requirements of high functionality and durability. Kanzaki has the most comprehensive offerings in the direct thermal label market with our superior non-topcoated and topcoated label facestock. Our polycash and film have specific features such as water resistance, tear resistance and light resistance to provide an easy solution for numerous end-use applications. We offer several ticket and tag products to support markets that expect superior images with topcoated and non-topcoated specifications for your printing needs. Our medical and healthcare products have category specific grades targeted for specific healthcare applications for both paper and film.

Our products have been used for over several end-use applications ranging from boarding passes, baggage tags on ATB printers, cinema tickets, theme park tickets, waterpark wristbands, medical and healthcare wristbands, industrial and retail shelf-marking, point-of-sale receipt paper, ATM receipt paper, lottery tickets and/or slot tickets, thermal transfer (TTR), weigh scale applications, etc. Kanzaki Specialty Papers provides excellent customer service and technical services to give our company a competitive edge in several different markets.


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