Ticket & Tag
From airline tickets and boarding passes, which must meet rigid technical specifications, to high value entertainment and amusement tickets, where ticket holders expect superior images on both sides of the ticket, Kanzaki has the right product to fit the need.
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Product Certification Caliper Kiosk Sensitivity Durability Topcoat Non-Topcoat
ST5 5.3 Medium Medium
ST7 7.1 Medium Medium
KT200 7.3 Standard High
KT300 7.3 Ultra High High
KTB350 7.3 Ultra High High
KT10 9.6 High High
KTB442 7.3 Medium High
MAG390 7.2 Medium Medium
KT5 5.3 High High
NT4 4.3 High Medium
KT4 4.4 High Medium High